New and Improved Storage Boot

We are pleased to announce a new and novel method for keeping traditional 12 mm pH electrodes hydrated during shipment and storage. Previously, we used a soaker bottle filled with KCl solution assembled from many parts: a bottle, o-ring, cap, and label. We will now transition to shipping with a…

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F915 redox sensor

Understanding Broadley-James’ FermProbe Redox Electrode Range

The Redox sensors are designed for the measurement of the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of an aqueous process medium or wastewater. The sensor is used in conjunction with a pH meter or other electroanalytical instrumentation that can be set to read millivolts. The Redox probe is a combination sensor with…

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BioNet® Has a New Sales and Support Structure

We are pleased to announce that NECI has recently purchased the assets of the BioNet® platform from Broadley-James Corporation. What this means for you today NECI already supports over half of all BioNet installations. If you already receive support from NECI, nothing has changed. If you are not currently supported…

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Improving your sensor’s performance and longevity

The primary components of a Dissolved Oxygen or pH measurement loop are the sensors and the transmitters. The sensors are designed to be as robust as possible but still require regular inspection and maintenance. Some items, such as membrane cartridges, are consumables and need to be replaced on a frequent…

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DO cut away view

Understanding the Broadley-James Dissolved Oxygen Sensors Range

Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Design Suitable for hygienic applications, the OxyProbe dissolved oxygen sensor withstands Steam in Place (SIP) and caustic Clean in Place (CIP) applications. FDA compliant o-rings on all product contact surfaces. The outer silicone layer protects the inner Teflon layer, and an added stainless steel mesh provides the…

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Pall Corporation and Broadley-James Cooperate to Deliver Next Generation Single-Use Sensor Technologies to the Life Science Market

PORT WASHINGTON, NY (USA) – March 11, 2019 – Pall Corporation, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, has partnered with Broadley-James Corporation, a renowned sensor technology provider, to integrate and distribute Broadley-James’ advanced single-use probe and flow cell pH sensors. With applications across upstream and downstream unit operations,…

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SP300 Permalyte 12mm Process Probe 300x128

New pH Sensors with Solid Polymer Reference

A new range of pH sensors for harsh industrial applications has been launched by Broadley-James Corporation. Featuring the Permalyte® Solid Polymer Reference the sensors have an open junction that eliminates clogging. Ideal for difficult industrial measurements with high solids content or oxidising agents. The solid polymer reference solves the most…

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sensor circuitry

Update your old Bioreactor Systems with new Hybrid™ Smart Sensors!

Compatible with all makes and models of bioreactor control systems, the Hybrid Smart Sensor lets you leverage your existing equipment.  Gain the benefits of sensors that can store their own metadata including usage, sterilization cycles, and complete calibration history without purchasing new equipment! Visit us at BioProcess International West, Booth…

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Modular Bioreactor System M3

Improve Your PD Lab’s Productivity!

The Industrial Process Development Lab Designed and Automated for: Higher throughput Increased success rate Reduced resource requirement Improved technical transfer and scale-up readiness Significant Return on Investment Abstract A networked PD and/or MSAT lab bioreactor automation system can dramatically improve lab productivity, increase experimental run success rate, reduce resource requirements,…

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Broadley James accessories LED reader

Hybrid™ Smart Sensors – see us at BPI!

Introducing the Hybrid™ Smart pH FermProbe® for all Bioprocess Applications! Broadley-James is pleased to support BPI West and we hope you will visit us March 15th-17th in booth #501 and learn about some of our new products!

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