New SU100 Series Single-Use BPC Gas Wells

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Upstream Applications

SU100 Series Single-Use BPC Gas Wells for DO and CO2 Sensors

SU100 series gas wells are designed for preinstallation into a bioprocessing container (BPC) with subsequent gamma sterilization. Each gas well features a steel mesh reinforced, gas permeable silicone rubber membrane. The sensor works behind the membrane to measure gas partial pressure of the BPC media. The gas well’s rugged membrane is rated to 30 psig and provides a sterile barrier that eliminates the need to autoclave sensors, saving time and reducing the risk of media contamination or sensor damage.

Features and Benefits of SU100 Series Gas Wells:

D1430 amperometric dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor
  • Gas well’s steel mesh reinforced, gas permeable membrane is a sterile barrier, eliminating the risk of damaging sensors from autoclaving
  • Gas well eliminates need to insert sensor directly into BPC, reducing risk of BPC media contamination
  • The membrane is pressure rated to 30 psig