SU680 Series

Downstream Single-Use, Flow-Through pH Sensors for Tubing Sizes 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch

  • A single-use, flow-through pH sensor for downstream applications
  • Sensor rotates into a built-in buffer storage chamber for long-term storage and 1-point standardization check
  • Flow stream is unaffected, only sensor moves in and out of flow path
  • Available in gamma sterilized single-use assemblies with tubing and aseptic connectors

For High-Flow Volume Applications

su600 08


Flow-Through Single-Use pH Sensor with 1/2-inch Hose Barbs

su600 12


Flow-Through Single-Use pH Sensor with 3/4-inch Hose Barbs

su600 16


Flow-Through Single-Use pH Sensor with 1-inch Hose Barbs

su600 custom

SU680 sensors are also available as a pre-sterilized single-use assembly

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