Single-Use Sensors for Bioprocess Applications

About Broadley-James

Broadley-James is an industry-leading supplier of pH and dissolved oxygen sensors for life science applications. Our new product line of SingleSense® single-use pH sensors is now available for upstream and downstream bioprocess applications. These rugged, gamma sterilizable pH sensors feature built-in buffer storage chambers that allow years of storage. They are always ready to use, requiring no rehydration time.

Additional Broadley-James sensor products include an extensive line of steam-sterilizable and autoclavable pH and DO sensors for the bioprocess industries, including low-drift sensors. With the introduction of the SingleSense® single-use sensor line, Broadley-James now offers sensor solutions for legacy upstream and downstream applications and the new generation of single-use systems that are the future of the bioprocess industry.

Latest News

Broadley-James Single-Use Sensors secure EU patents

Broadley-James is excited to announce our recent patent grant for our innovative single-use sensor line. Our SingleSense® single-use sensors enhance bioprocessing efficiency while ensuring precise monitoring and control – all with the convenience of single-use technology.

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