How do I match electrodes to housings?

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Housings and FermProbe® pH electrodes are offered in a variety of lengths. This enables fermentation operators to select the optimum insertion length for the application at hand. The housing ordering information box lists the suitable electrode models and lengths for each particular housing style.

There is another way to match electrodes to housings. Each housing length is given a letter classification, i.e. “A”, “B”, “C”. Each electrode length is given a similar letter classification. Any Class “A” pH electrode will fit any Class “A” housing listed in this catalog. Similarly, any Class “B” electrode will fit any Class “B” housing. By matching the classifications, the electrode and housing will match.

The class information is found in the ordering information box for any electrode or housing in this catalog. If the class letters are the same for any electrode and housing then the two can be used together. See the illustrated example below:

For a Perfect Match Every Time

  1. Choose a housing for the vessel and application.
  2. Note the class of the housing (i.e. A, B) in the ordering information box.
  3. Choose a style and model of electrode (see opposite page).
  4. Find the class of electrode that matches the class of the chosen housing.
How to match electrodes to housings