New pH Sensors with Solid Polymer Reference

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SP300 Permalyte 12mm ProcessProbe
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A new range of pH sensors for harsh industrial applications has been launched by Broadley-James Corporation. Featuring the Permalyte® Solid Polymer Reference the sensors have an open junction that eliminates clogging. Ideal for difficult industrial measurements with high solids content or oxidising agents. The solid polymer reference solves the most common failure mode for conventional pH sensors where the reference junction becomes clogged. By eliminating the porous junction completely the sensor can operate where conventional pH sensors would normally fail.

Available in the industry standard 12 x 120 mm format with PG13.5 mount, with detachable K9, S8 or VP connectors ensure an easy upgrade path for existing or new installations.

For applications that require direct installation into a pipe or open channel the Permalyte reference is available in the S400 style ProcessProbe® body with with integral pipe threads. Moulded from chemical resistant VALOX (PBT) with options for built in temperature compensator and solution ground.