BioNet® Has a New Sales and Support Structure

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We are pleased to announce that NECI has recently purchased the assets of the BioNet® platform from Broadley-James Corporation.

What this means for you today

NECI already supports over half of all BioNet installations. If you already receive support from NECI, nothing has changed. If you are not currently supported by NECI, please update your records with the attached contact information, or email them at where you will have access to immediate support.

What to expect moving forward

NECI can provide support for the physical glass bioreactors, as well as all the ancillary equipment, to ensure continuity in your service requests. However, their intention is to further develop and grow the digital footprint of BioNet® as an Agnostic DeltaV Application. With that direction, they will coexist within the ecosystem including Emerson and all bioreactor OEMs to provide you with additional integration options and an enhanced user experience.

NECI emerson impact partner

Who is NECI?

Like most long-established companies, the answer to that question has evolved over the decades they have been in business. NECI, formerly known as New England Controls, has been serving New England and beyond with controls and instrumentation solutions for more than 50 years. During that time, they have watched as innovations in technology have advanced at an astounding pace – which has led to fundamental changes in our professional and personal lives.

Their local team of over 200 engineers has the support of the most recognized global manufacturer in the Industry. As a member of the Emerson Impact Partner Network, they offer the most complete portfolio of end-to-end products, services, and solutions. The Emerson Impact Partner Network brings 167 certified service centers, over 5,000 employees with over half having 10+ years’ experience and over $46 billion in installed products in North America.

Additionally, they apply digital intelligence to address unique business challenges. This focus on digitalization has allowed them to enhance their clients’ ability to adapt to innovation through industry-based solutions and help them to achieve the right business outcomes for success.

For additional information about NECI please visit their website:

NECI Service Agreement Contact Information

Emergency Service Contact Info:

  • Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM: 508-205-5329 or 508-339-5522 (ask for Lifecycle Solutions)
  • Emergency after hours (DeltaV Platform Performance issues only): 1-888-5DeltaV (1-888-533-5828)

Required information: Contact number and system information.

Help Desk Contact Info:

Required information: Related system ID, equipment, version and summary of the issue.

Repairs/Replacements/Scheduling Service Contact Info:

  • Jenn Alosi – Lifecycle Solutions Contracts Specialist: 508-851-2448
  • Anne Tremblay – Contract Coordinator: 508-205-5329

Required information: Part number, serial number and issue description or service.